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 Sabishii Uta (used by Sasaki, but not his own)

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Sasaki Hakase


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PostSubject: Sabishii Uta (used by Sasaki, but not his own)   Sun Jun 15, 2008 7:12 pm

Name- Sabishii Uta (Lonely Song)

Shikai- Utaimasu (Sing)
Shikai Apperance- A long, pure white Chinese Jian
-Utter Silence: Sabishii Uta can selectively prevent others from speaking, thus disabling Kido, Recited Magecraft and the unleashing of Zanpakuto (all of which require speaking)
-Lonely Song: Simply done by the slashing of Sabishii Uta and its namesake, the noise made is similar to a woman singing, and maintains the inertia of atoms bumping int oeach other and focuses it to make a blade of sound distortion. It cna cut through most metals.

Bankai- Tsuru Uta (Crane Song)
Bankai Appearance- A white spear, with a 1.5 foot crystal head. it has a white tassel at the ened
-Phoenix Song: Phoenix Song can heal wounds and automatically prevents the pain of anyone nearby.
-tengoku seikatai (Heaven Chorus): Thousands of blades from Sabishii Uta swirl around User, sounding like a Choir, and then slashes to devastating effect.
-Requim: Creates a wall of air around the victim and suddenly vibrates it all inwards, ripping teh chemical bonds of the body apart. The sound is like an Organ.
-chante de bataille (Battle Song): Fortifies teh spear with a sheath of virbarting air that causes damage to any weapon that is crossed with Sabishii Uta.

Misc Info:
-Sasaki obtained this through a shinigami who had nursed him since he had been hit by the ATomic Bomb.
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Luna Saiku

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PostSubject: Re: Sabishii Uta (used by Sasaki, but not his own)   Sun Jun 15, 2008 7:14 pm


Do Not Cross My Path You Will Die!

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Sabishii Uta (used by Sasaki, but not his own)
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