Become a rpg master by going into the soul society or go onto the dark side and become a hollow (Note: you are only aloud 4 Npc a person thats it no more and when you die you start all over again)
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 Urahara's Raikazu

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PostSubject: Urahara's Raikazu   Sun Jun 15, 2008 9:17 pm



Sealed form:Disguised as a cane

Shikai form:The blade slides out from the bottom of the cane making the cane the handle.the blade is infused with pure lightning and has a mysterious golden glow.
"This is rather shocking..."

Bankai form:The blade calls down a bolt of lightning transforming Raikazu into
pure energy it then infuses itself into Urahara,making him have the control over lightning.
Urahara gains a blue aura.
He gains a Blade of lightning in both hands.
"I have to warn you,this is gonna hurt..."

Shikai Abilities

skill:Speed times 5

skill:Agility times 5

skill:Lightning damage

Bankai Abilities

skill:Twin Thunder Blades

skill:Tears of Lightning
(Bolts of Lightning to Rain Down on the Enemies for 5posts)

skill:Speed times 10

skill:Agility times 10
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Suki Morinoto


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PostSubject: Re: Urahara's Raikazu   Sun Jun 15, 2008 9:22 pm


My Quincy uniform

sumi, my younger (by a few minutes) sister

me and my baby, saix
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Urahara's Raikazu
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