Become a rpg master by going into the soul society or go onto the dark side and become a hollow (Note: you are only aloud 4 Npc a person thats it no more and when you die you start all over again)
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 Aya's zanpakuto

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PostSubject: Aya's zanpakuto   Tue Jun 17, 2008 7:20 am

Name~Phoenix blade


Sealed Form-
Shikai Form-"You play with fire and you are going get burned."
Bankai Form: "Now i am really mad pretty to disapper with the flames."(just more fire on sword)

Abilities (Shakai release):
-skillz:Spiritual Pressure x20

Abilities (bankai release):
-skillz:spiritual pressurex 150
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Aya's zanpakuto
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