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 Rose Seal (for my non playable character #2)

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Luna Saiku

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PostSubject: Rose Seal (for my non playable character #2)   Tue Jun 17, 2008 1:23 pm

Name~Rose Seal


Sealed Form-

Shikai Form-
"I have set your soul free so do me a favor and repent the evil that surrounds me!"

Bankai Form:
"you have done me well now send them to the pits of hell i call on the reaper!"

Abilities (Shakai release):
-skillz:30xspiritual pressure
-skillz:rose petal dance (sends rose vines to attack opponent)
-skillz:40x agility
Abilities (bankai release):
-skillz:reaper rose seal (signiture move it sends the reaper to kill the opponent but you sacrifice your blood into the roots in the ground)
-skillz:40x strength
-skillz:20x more agility
-skillz:60x more spiritual pressure

Do Not Cross My Path You Will Die!

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Rose Seal (for my non playable character #2)
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